Brian Wilson

Skills: comedy/ juggling / yo-yo / magic / audience participation / circus stunts / celery

“Your show is  always a hit!” – Barry Sellers, Ottawa Senators Foundation

With over 25 years experience in front of audiences,  Bri The Cowguy delivers hilarious, fast paced live shows. With each performance the audience is treated to amazing circus style stunts, yo-yo tricks, audience participation and magic, all blended with comedy that ranges from sarcastic to silly.

Brian Wilson has trained with instructors from Ringling Brothers Clown College, University instructors, and other performers. He brings this training to each performance.

Bri the Cowguy performs over 200 shows per years at various festivals, corporate, school and special events. He also runs Orbital Talent, a specialty variety arts talent agency based in Ottawa. Brian LOVES delivering custom shows for his clients.. striving to deliver the perfect show to each of his audiences. 

“This guy is fall over funny!” – The Checkerboard Guy on Bri “The Cowguy”

“Your show was the perfect blend of comedy, showmanship,and yo-yo mastery : the audience was riveted!” (Sam Caldicott, Canadian Childrens Museum)


Background History:  Over 20 years ago, The Cowguys started their performing career doing outdoor shows on the Sparks Street Mall, and in the Byward Market in Ottawa Ontario Canada.  Starting out in these busy outdoor spaces helped the Cowguys to hone their performance skills, and helped them learn to stage a show, how to organize, build and warm up and audience.  They utilize these skills today in Corporate environments, theatres, and even in school shows.